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OTB French Terry Set - Black

$70.00 $75.00you save $5.00

This full matching bundle set features our French Terry Hoodie & Jogger

  • 410 GSM (12OZ) French Terry Hoodie - Unisex
    • 100% French Terry Cotton 
    • Kangaroo Pouch Pocket
    • Oversized Drop Shoulder Fit

  • 410 GSM (12OZ) French Terry Jogger - Unisex
    • 100% French Terry Cotton 
    • 2 Side pockets and 1 back pocket
    • Elasticized waistband with Polymer Dipped Drawstring Cords
    • Elasticized ankle cuffs

  • Lint-Free Inside
  • Tear Away Tags
  • Ideal for screen printing, direct-to-garment (DTG), and Transfers

SIZE UP FOR LOOSE FIT, Hoodie + Joggers run SMALL

Customer Reviews

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Comfort meets style

*Fabric Quality: 4.5/5**
The set's material is where it excels. The French Terry fabric boasts a luxurious feel, softness that hugs the body tenderly, and breathability that adapts to changing temperatures - a true mark of quality possible only by a company that understands comfort. The exterior is finished with a subtle sheen that betrays its plush interior, while the loops on the inside provide a light yet cozy layer that makes it ideal for almost any season.

**Design and Style: 4/5**
Cut in a classical and universally flattering silhouette, the set is a model of relaxed sophistication. The trim on the crewneck sweatshirt and joggers offers a sharp contrast that punctuates the set with an urban flair. However, I would love to see more daring colors and patterns in their lineup to cater to those of us who enjoy a burst of vibrancy in our attire.

**Fit and Comfort: 5/5**
The fit was impeccable. The joggers sport a snug, adjustable waistband that accommodates without constraining, and the cuffed ankles present a chic, tapered look. The sweatshirt complements with a relaxed fit that's neither too baggy nor too tight. This set proved to be a dream to wear, whether I was sitting back with a book or out grabbing coffee.

**Durability: 4/5**
Several washes in, and the French Terry set from OTB has held up admirably. There’s no pilling or loss of shape, a testament to the company's commitment to quality. Minor shrinkage was noted after the first wash, though it wasn't enough to impact the overall fit or comfort.

**Value for Money: 4.5/5**
OTB positions itself as a premium brand, and its pricing reflects that. While the set isn't cheap, it’s a fair price for the quality and comfort that you get. Considering the durability and timeless design, this French Terry set is an investment in everyday luxury.

**Overall: 4.4/5**
OTB's French Terry set stands out in a crowded market of casual wear. By finding the sweet spot between comfort, style, and quality, OTB has crafted a product that truly enhances the everyday. Although there are minor areas for improvement, this set is sure to satisfy those looking for a reliable, chic ensemble for their wardrobe.

If you're contemplating an upgrade to your loungewear, consider this French Terry set from OTB - it might just be the touch of everyday opulence you didn't know you needed.